Plan: Align, differentiate and coordinate your Instructional calendar for learning.

What are the goals?

My Instructional Learning Opportunities Guidance System

For teachers, MyiLOGS delivers the following benefits:

  • Focused instructional planning based on Common Core State Standards as well as custom and IEP objectives
  • Intuitive calendar interface that requires very little teacher time to complete (about 6 minutes per week)
  • Ability to make targeted changes to instruction based on personalized feedback reports
  • Option to invite co-teachers to collaborate and communicate online as well as share instructional materials and resources
  • Individualized instructional data and an optional Instructional Growth Plan (IGP) to facilitate professional development

For site and district leaders, MyiLOGS delivers the following benefits:

  • Summative roll-up reports that provide information on teachers’ content coverage, emphases of cognitive processes, as well as types of instructional practices and grouping formats used
  • Efficient ways to communicate, collect, and review lesson plans, notes, and other instructional data
  • Development of professional development opportunities based on teachers’ own instructional data
  • Access to research-based, job-embedded professional development to develop teachers’ instructional growth
In summary, MyiLOGS is designed to improve instructional progress management (IPM) and increase all students’ opportunity to learn the intended curriculum. IPM is defined as the explicit, periodic review and use of data on instructional inputs, processes, and outcomes to promote students’ academic progress.