Plan: Align, differentiate and coordinate your Instructional calendar for learning.

How does it work?

My Instructional Learning Opportunities Guidance System

At the heart of MyiLOGS lies the instructional calendar. Via simple drag-and-drop, teachers can plan and record the content and time of their instruction in a matter of minutes.


Just drag-and-drop a skill from the intended standards onto the calendar and enter the approximate amount of time dedicated to that skill. Done!

Teachers can use the instructional calendar to enter multiple skills as well as their own custom skills. MyiLOGS also allows teachers to complete and print lesson plans and leave daily notes about important instructional events.

On a select sample of days, teachers can provide additional instructional details for their entire class or certain students. These details include time emphases by (a) cognitive process dimensions and (b) evidence-based instructional practices.

Teachers can also provide information on engagement and goal attainment for the whole class and/or individual students.

These instructional details allow teachers to focus on individual students and monitor differentiated instruction. This approach to managing instruction can be especially helpful for special education teachers and teachers involved in Response to Intervention (RTI).

To learn more about using MyiLOGS and related technical aspects, download the MyiLOGS Guidebook.