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Introduction to the MyiLOGS Training Course

My Instructional Learning Opportunities Guidance System

MyiLOGS is a user-friendly, online tool for K-12 teachers to document key dimensions of their instruction including time used, content covered, cognitive processes emphasized, instructional practices used, and grouping formats. This software tool requires knowledge of effective teaching to ensure reliable use.

Training Course
The MyiLOGS training course is comprised of three core modules that cover:

  • Theoretical and research background for MyiLOGS,
  • Using the tool to document instruction for a class and individual students, and
  • Interpreting MyiLOGS scores and quarterly teacher feedback reports.
The course also includes two activity modules (1A & 2A) and video examples of classroom instruction. Short formative assessments are also included at the end of each major section to facilitate engagement and practice for the MyiLOGS Summative Tests.

Summative Tests
MyiLOGS requires knowledge and skills to become a Certified MyiLOGS User. Two Summative Tests are required for all MyiLOGS users and include multiple-choice and performance items. A number of downloadable resources are provided to support learners’ understanding and use of this powerful instructional tool. The training modules and Summative Tests require approximately 3 hours to complete.

Course Preview
To get a sample of this training course, you can access Modules 1 and 1A, listen to the short presentation, and respond to the formative assessment items.
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