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What is MyiOBS?

My Instructional Observation System

MyiOBS is the iPad-based observation system that accompanies MyiLOGS. It is intended to facilitate the efficient collection of independent classroom observation data, which is used to (a) support the validity of inferences drawn from the MyiLOGS self-report data; and (b) provide feedback to teachers about the accuracy of their logging data.

The benefits of using MyiLOGS are contingent on the accuracy of teachers' log data. Given that all log data are self-reported, it is critical that users pass the performance-based MyiLOGS training and receive feedback on the accuracy of their log data through independent classroom observations. Following our recommended observer training, classroom observers can use MyiOBS to download teachers' planned standards and/or objectives and record their interval-based observations following the same matrix-recording format as their teachers. MyiOBS will then sync with the MyiLOGS server where the observation data are securely stored and analyzed for feedback reports.