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My Instructional Learning Opportunities Guidance System

Vanderbilt University

The original work on MyiLOGS started at Vanderbilt in a graduate class. Alex was a student and Steve the professor. MyiLOGS was born out of discussions stimulated by Alex’s class paper on ways to improve the measurement of alignment among content standards, instruction, and state assessments. A couple years later when Steve won an Enhanced Assessment Grant from the U.S. Department of Education, we had the opportunity to act on some of Alex’s ideas regarding the measurement of opportunity-to-learn. Jackie Shrago, an experienced business woman and educator, joined our project and we declared the invention of MyiLOGS in December 2009 with the Vanderbilt Office of Technology Transfer and Enterprise Development.

United States Department of Education

Two grants awarded to Steve Elliott from the USDE have been instrumental in the development and initial validation of MyiLOGS. These grants were the Consortium for Modified Alternate Assessment Development and Implementation (CMAADI Project; Award #H373X070026) and the Modified Alternate Assessment Performance Screening project (MAAPS Project; Award #S368A090006). These projects involved partnerships with state education leaders in Arizona, Indiana, Pennsylvania, and South Carolina. Dozens of teachers, both general and special educators, from these states worked with us to refine and improve the MyiLOGS software.

A third grant for the National Center on Assessment and Accountability for Special Education awarded to the University of Oregon and ASU in 2011 by the USDE’s Institute of Education Sciences also is contributing to the implementation and use of MyiLOGS to document students with disabilities access to the general curriculum and classroom learning experiences.

In 2013, Elliott and Kurz were awarded an Office of Special Education Stepping Up Technology Grant to further develop MyiLOGS by integrating it with EasyCBM. This project will result in a powerful instructional progress management tool that teachers can use throughout the year to understand the relationship of their instruction to students actual achievement growth in mathematics and English language arts.

Arizona State University

The majority of the development work and research with MyiLOGS occurred at Arizona State University starting in late 2010. ASU is a national leader in educational innovation and entrepreneurship. With the assistance of staff at Arizona Technology Enterprises (AzTE) and ASU SkySong, the innovation and business incubator for the Office of Knowledge and Enterprise Development, the MyiLOGS team was provided advice and financial support that advanced the development of MyiLOGS software and related services. The copyright for MyiLOGS is held by ASU and work with our partners is managed by ASU.

IPM Innovations, LLC

To advance the use and implementation of MyiLOGS outside of federal grants and on a much larger scale, IPM Innovations was formed in 2011. This company currently markets and manages services to ensure MyiLOGS is used with integrity and that the resulting instructional data are secure and accurately scored.