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Becoming a Certified MyiLOGS User

My Instructional Learning Opportunities Guidance System

The steps to become a Certified MyiLOGS User are as follows:

  • Step 1. Download key Training Resources.
  • Step 2. Complete all Training Modules.
  • Step 3. Complete and pass the Summative Knowledge Test.
  • Step 4. Complete and pass the Summative Performance Test.
  • Step 5. Print your MyiLOGS User Certificate and Access ID and Password.

Training Resources
Key resource materials for the MyiLOGS Training Course and the Summative Assessment are provided below. We highly recommend you print the Study Guide, at least one Instructional Practice Scenario, and the Teacher Feedback Report before you start course work. The MyiLOGS Users Guide is optional, but provides a comprehensive (50+ pages) overview about MyiLOGS development, research, and its use.

Training Modules
The MyiLOGS training is comprised of 3 core modules and 2 activity modules (Modules 1A and 2A). The modules are as follows:

  • Module 1 - Key Concepts & Instructional Data
  • Module 1A - Using the Calendar to Log Instruction Time & Content
  • Module 2 - Using MyiLOGS to Log Instruction
  • Module 2A - Using the Detail Days to Log to Instructional Actions
  • Module 3 - Scores, Scoring, & Reports
These modules should be taken in sequence. There are five formative assessment items in each of the core modules to provide feedback about your understanding of key concepts and to prepare you for the Summative Knowledge Test that follows Module #3.

The core training modules should take about 2 hours to complete and an additional 15 minutes each for the activity modules. If you choose to exit during the training, you can restart and fast-forward to the point where you left off.

Summative Tests
To achieve a high level of instructional data integrity and reliable reports, all users must pass a Summative Knowledge Test and a Summative Performance Test*.

The Summative Knowledge Test is comprised of 20 items: 10 true/false and 10 multiple choice. To pass this test, you must correctly answer 17 of the 20 items. You will receive detailed feedback for each item after completing and submitting the test. You may retake this test until you achieve a passing grade of 85% or higher. To take the Summative Knowledge Test, a person must verify they have completed all training modules and indicate he/she is ready to take the test.

The Summative Performance Test consists of five instructional scenarios similar to the practice scenarios in Modules #2 and #2A. You must achieve 100% on 2 of the 5 scenarios to become a Certified User. Most people require between 25 to 30 minutes to complete this Performance Test. You can use any resources from the training during this “open book test.” To take the Summative Performance Test, you must have passed the Summative Knowledge Test and indicate you are ready to take the test. You should plan on completing the Summative Performance Tests in one sitting. If you begin a test scenario and do not complete it, it will count as a failed test.

*Note: For some school improvement projects that have contracted to use MyiLOGS and want to use it primarily as a teacher self-reflection tool, individuals can become a Basic User by passing the Knowledge Test and completing but not passing the Performance Test. An individual in these projects who passes both the Knowledge and Performance Tests is considered a Highly Qualified User. Both these levels of users receive a Certificate of Completion and access to record instruction in the MyiLOGS system.

MyiLOGS Training Certificate & Access Information
Individuals who successfully complete the MyiLOGS Training Modules and pass the Summative Tests receive a Professional Development Certificate documenting a total of 4 hours of continuing professional development in instructional progress management training. This official certificate, along with your access (ID and Password) information for MyiLOGS, is emailed to you immediately upon successfully completing the training.