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Professional Development

My Instructional Learning Opportunities Guidance System

Online MyiLOGS Basic Training
We understand that teachers are exceedingly busy and typically cannot easily adjust their schedules for a 3 hour workshop on a new online tool. Therefore, an online course was created to facilitate accessibility and timely training. The MyiLOGS Instructional Progress Management Course is offered as part of Arizona State University’s Professional Learning Library (PLL) . The course is available for a small fee. If desired, users also can request certified Continuing Education Units (CEUs) from Arizona State University for an additional charge. This online professional development course contains three modules that provide knowledge and skills related to:

  • Key concepts behind MyiLOGS and instructional data;
  • Using MyiLOGS to log instruction;
  • Scores, scoring procedures, and instructional feedback reports.
The course includes video examples of classroom instruction to facilitate consistent use of the MyiLOGS definitions for the various cognitive processes, instructional practices, and grouping formats. Short formative assessments are also included at the end of each module to facilitate engagement and practice for the MyiLOGS Qualifying Summative Assessment. This Summative Assessment is required of all MyiLOGS users and is comprised of a Knowledge Test and a Performance Test. Individuals who pass the Summative Assessment receive a Qualified MyiLOGS User certification and login information to MyiLOGS.

Observation Workshop
This half-day professional development workshop is structured to train novice observers in the MyiLOGS observation protocol. Observers are trained to criterion using a series of video vignettes. Interobserver reliability sessions of trained observers are also recommended. Observers are provided used of the myiLOGS Observation application for an iPad or notebook. This observation system synchronizes with MyiLOGS teacher data to provide an agreement report.

Interpretation of MyiLOGS Feedback Reports Workshop
This 2 hour workshop focuses on the interpretation and use of results from the MyiLOGS OTL Summary Score report and 15 page Feedback Report that a user receives. These feedback reports are individualized and available on-demand throughout the year. The reports have the potential to provide powerful feedback to guide user’s instructional development with regard to instructional time, content coverage, and an array of instructional practices. Being knowledgeable of the resulting data from MyiLOGS is fundamental to improving opportunities to learn for all students and to continue to refine the delivery of instruction that is efficient and effective.

Instructional Growth Plan Workshop
The Instructional Growth Plan (IGP) is based on state-of-the-art professional development research and is presented in a six part self-instructional change format. The six parts are:
  Part 1. Personal Summary of MyiLOGS Results
  Part 2. Select Instructional Targets for Growth
  Part 3. Analyze Conditions for Improvement: People, Tasks, Materials, & Feedback
  Part 4. Determine Performance Goals & Enabling Strategies
  Part 5. Plan for Evidence Collection to Support Evaluation of Instructional Growth
  Part 6. Evaluate Instructional Growth: Progress Monitoring & Outcome Evaluation

Users are taught how to translate their MyiLOGS data into an improvement plan they can implement and evaluate.

Please contact us for the most up-to-date offering of workshop services and pricing. Thank you.