Plan: Align, differentiate and coordinate your Instructional calendar for learning.

Why is it important?

My Instructional Learning Opportunities Guidance System

Users receive detailed feedback reports whenever they want them. These personalized feedback can be used to make targeted changes to instruction. Download an example of a MyiLOGS instructional Feedback Report.




Users also receive OTL Summary Scores Reports after every 40 days of logging.These reports focus on five scores: Instructional Time Used, Instructional Content Covered, Cognitive Processes Emphasized, Instructional Practice Emphasized, and Grouping Formats Emphasized.


We also offer the option for job-embedded professional development based on the MyiLOGS Instructional Growth Plan (IGP). Download a sample Instructional Growth Plan.


Finally, our experiences with teachers who have used myiLogs for a significant number of months indicate it influences their instructional planning and daily instructional practice. As indicated by our Theory of Change, use of myiLogs leads to increase in a number of instructional outcomes and student achievement overtime.